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Collaborations with Fellow Artists of My Originals
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Wai!!!  You can see hair strands!  :D Drawn by Tammy Lee, colored by me 8/99
Photoshop 5.0
145.3 KB
Cut on the Dotted Line! (Skippy copyrighted to Tammy Lee)
This is Tammy Lee's and my entry for the August Omake at the MAG. The theme we used was a "fashion show," and Tammy drew this great lineart of Meiru playing with a paper doll of her original character Skippy. Then I colored it as detailed-ly as I could. You can even see hairstrands on Meiru's head! Wai! It was time consuming, but I had fun with this pic! :D
Bright and cheery!  :D Drawn by me, colored by Chi~~ 9/00
pencil, pen, and Photoshop
71.6 KB
Chi~~ colored one of my Celeste linearts for me 'cause I'm such a lazy person... ^^;;; The coloring is so beautiful and the ripply background is funky! :D Thank you so much, Chi~~! :D
Wai, so soft and pretty!  :D Drawn by me, colored by Cat Dreamer 12/00
pencil, pen, and Photoshop
33.8 KB
Emina NEW!!!
My friend Cat offered to color another one of my linearts and picked Emina. Wai, the colors and background are so soft--it really suits Emi-chan. Thank you, Cat! :D