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Doesn't she look nasty?  O_o;; 12/99
pencil, pen, Paint Shop Pro, and Photoshop
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I finally finished coloring that black and white version of Suika! She's the story's villain, and she has a suitably nasty expression on her face... O_o;; While coloring, I noticed a big mistake with the rim of her hat, but it was too late to change it. :P Though other than that, the pic came out great! Shading the black dress was the most difficult part. Aren't her pink hair and shiny earrings the coolest? :D
She doesn't look evil here...  O_o;; 9/00
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Suika Design Sheet #1
A sheet of some final design sketches of Suika. There's a front and 3/4 view of her, plus a close up of her earrings and her Twin Snake Rod. A colored version will probably be coming in the future.
Gee, she seems kind of demure here...  O_o;; 9/00
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Suika Design Sheet #2
Another sheet of Suika design sketches... Well, it's just one sketch, another 3/4 view... ^^;;; These two sheets were made when Suika wasn't feeling evil or vindictive... ^^;;

Keep checking back for more artwork of Suika! :D