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Serise artwork
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Isn't she purty?  I love her wings and hair!  :D 3/99
36.7 KB
The original design for Serise. I actually started this sketch back in January, but was too lazy to finish it... ^^;;; At the time, I was thinking of calling her Sara or Sarisa. I had originally planned to color this pic, and this sketch went up as a preview. But the inking didn't turn out too well, so the color version went down the drain. But it's a nice picture just the way it is! :D
She looks even purtier colored!  :D 4/99
pencil, pen, and Paint Shop Pro 5
148.9 KB
Since the inking job on the above pic came out really bad, I sketched a new pic of Serise, who finally got named, for CGing. The pose is a bit Oh My Goddess! inspired, and while I was working on it, I realized it was shaped like the letter Y (hence the title)! ^^;;;; The coloring took a while to do, especially since I couldn't decide between pink and green hair... ^^;;; I went with green because it's a wind-related color, and because I've seen so many lovely pics of green-haired characters with gorgeous yellow highlights... ^^;;; This pic turned out so nicely, it's one of my very favorites! :D
Aw, wook at da widdle SD sylph...  :D 8/99
pencil, pen, Paint Shop Pro 5.0, and Photoshop 5
81.5 KB
SD Serise
Just a quickie CG of SD Serise in her (final?) redesign. I tried to keep the colors the same as in the above pic, but the shading of her hair and eyes came out darker than I'd expected... And after I started coloring, I realized that I forgot her pointy ears and she has no forehead... Oooops! ^^;;; But it's still kind of cute...
Wai, she looks just like a ballerina!  :D 3/00
pencil and Photoshop 5.0
71.3 KB
Serise Sketch
A sketch of Serise in a new outfit (sort of). The top hasn't changed, but the bottom part has changed to a little frilly 3-layered skirt with a longer pair of tails draping from her waist. I was hoping the skirt would come out more poofy, but it still looks cute. And there's some other little additions, too. Oh, and her head's tipped over because she's too tall to fit on a page... ^^;;; I love her expression, and she looks so much like a sweet and delicate ballerina now! :D This picture will probably be inked and CGed in the future.
Oooooh, pretty shiny wings...  :D 5/00
pen, colored pencils, and Paint Shop Pro 5.0
66.7 KB
Sitting on a Cliff Edge
This is a somewhat old pic I found half-inked in my sketchbook. She was wearing her old awkwardly long dress, and her forearms were too long, but I thought it was still a nice enough picture to finish inking and color. Serise herself came out rather well, especially her skin and wings, but the background looks kind of surreal... ^^;;;

Keep checking back for more artwork of Serise! :D