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Meiru artwork
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Hmmmmmmmmm...  The hair style needs a redesign... 1/99
colored pencils and pen
52.3 KB
This is Meiru's original design. She's in a Sailor Moon-ish pose, though I didn't realize it until the picture was done. And BOY, does she look dumb in that pose...! ^^;;; I like the colors that I used for her, but the hairdo doesn't look as good as I thought it would. It looks more like ribbons than hair... I was hoping to make a pair of braids instead of ponytails, but I wasn't good at drawing braids, so I chickened out... ^^; And I want revamp her clothing, too... I'd really like to do a paisley pattern on her shirt!

Meiru's currently going through a redesign, so keep checking back for more artwork of Meiru! :D