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Kiki Oak artwork
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Kiki Oak

Ah, autumn...  Makes neat effects in the hair, ne? 11/98
pencil, pen, and Paint Shop Pro 5
104.6 KB
Dryad in Autumn
Kiki's original design (and also my first original character)! Her hairstyle was inspired by the Dryad seirei/elemental from the Seiken Densetsu series, and the hat and gloves were the only parts of the white magician-in-training uniform that she'd wear (she doesn't like wearing heavy robes). This design didn't last, and neither did the idea to have magician-in-training uniforms, but it's still a pretty autumn picture, ne? :D She's standing by the oak tree she's bonded to.
Weird pose... 12/98
pencil, pen, and Paint Shop Pro 5
88.2 KB
Profile of Kiki
Kiki's first redesign has her with more flowing hair, and she no longer has the gloves and hat. Plus, her dress got a slight modification. Her basic profile at the time was put in this pic--it explains why her hair color is different. Her pose here looks so dumb. Doesn't she look like a game show hostess or something? ^^;;;
Just like an art book!  :D 12/98
44.0 KB
Back View of Kiki
Just a quickie sketch of Kiki from behind. It was meant to show what the back of her dress and hair look like. It's a bit messy, but it IS just a sketch. The hardest part was drawing the face at this angle! ^^; I showed the details separately, too, like I saw in my Dirty Pair Flash artbook.
Somehow, her designs keep getting worse and worse...  :P 9/99
pencil, pen, Paint Shop Pro 5, and Photoshop 5
32.6 KB
Kiki, Version 3
At first, I was somewhat pleased with Kiki's latest design, but when I finally tried to color the picture 2 months after I drew it (oooops... ^^;;;), it really looked horrible. So I'm only putting up the lineart. The top she's wearing looks okay, but I don't like her hair anymore and the skirt looks stupid. I think she'd look better in shorts.
The sex symbol of BoR...  ^^;;; 9/00
37.3 KB
Kiki, Version 4
The fourth, and hopefully final, design for Kiki! Her hair and top are pretty much the same, but the skirt's been replaced with low-cut shorts. Guys will probably like her best, due to the... errr... sexiness of this pic... ^^;;; I'll probably do a color version of this in the future.

Kiki's currently going through her (hopefully) final redesign, so keep checking back for more artwork of Kiki! :D