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Emina artwork
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Ack!  She has a personality like ME!!!  ^^;;; 5/99
pencil, pen, and Photoshop 5
117.4 KB
This is Emina's original character design. She's wearing the traditional outfit that depicts her rank and magic specialty (guess I went back to "uniforms", after all... ^^;;; ). I like her cute and innocent look, but I totally messed up one of her legs... :P It looks so bad... ^^;;;; And I just can't make a decent-looking hat... :P
One of her eyes came out way too dark...  :P 3/00
pencil and Photoshop 5
50.6 KB
Old Emina Sketch
I drew this sketch of Emina a month or so ago, but since I have no plans to color it, I thought I'd stick it up. It's basically a better-looking version of the above picture. Her legs are much thinner, since she's supposed to be scrawny, her clothes look looser, and there's a little lightning bolt on her hat. I never did complete the rod she's holding... ^^;; The sketch was tinted purple because she's a shrinking violet... ;) ~insert laughter here~ ^^;;
Aw, she's so pretty with her hair down...  :D 3/00
pencil and Photoshop 5
56.7 KB
Emina Sketch 2
This is a second possible outfit for Emi-chan. I was inspired by Angela's coat from her Grand Diviner outfit, and Emina's dress is based on it (I love long, swingy clothes! :D). I think she looks adorable in this outfit with her hair down, and she's blushing because she's not used to looking cute... :D I just wish I didn't draw her rod so thick... :P This pic will probably be inked and CGed in the future.

Keep checking back for more artwork of Emina! :D