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Celeste artwork
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Wai, so pretty!  :D 11/99
pencil, pen, Paint Shop Pro 5, and Photoshop 5
137.9 KB
Pretty Soldier
Wow, a character design I'm actually happy with! :D This is one of the valkyries, Celeste. The original lineart had some mistakes in it, so I spent about a week in Photoshop redoing every line with the Pen tool... ^^;;; But I'm thrilled with the result--she looks beautiful! My fiance thinks she's pretty sexy... ^^;; I really worked hard on the folds in her clothing, and it ended up looking natural! Wai!!! :D
Dragon wings!  :D 9/00
pencil and pen
53.2 KB
A cute inked pic of Celeste just standing there. Her design is pretty much identical to the original, except she now has white dragon wings on her helmet instead of bird ones. The colored complete version will be done ASAP! :D
Get 'em, girl!  :D 9/00
71.2 KB
Celeste in Action!
Here's Celeste in full battle armor jumping down to attack something with her spear. I tried to get her clothes and hair to flow naturally, and I hope I got it right... ^^;;; The inked and colored version will be done ASAP! :D

Keep checking back for more artwork of Celeste! :D